Watch Prof. Hamden’s TED talk from the 2019 TED Conference in Vancouver.

Prof. Hamden’s talk topics are below.

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The faint universe in the ultraviolet

A technical talk intended for graduate level audiences. This talk focuses on Prof. Hamden’s work on instruments and technology to make observations of diffuse hydrogen around distant galaxies. She has given versions of this talk at Caltech, Arizona, Toronto, Chicago, and other universities and it is continuously updated as her work develops.

The ridiculous world of scientific ballooning

This talk is geared towards a general audience and discusses both the history and utility of science using a balloon platform. There is a focus on the process of balloon launches and Prof. Hamden’s own work on FIREBall.

What it takes to build a telescope

This is a more motivational talk that places Prof. Hamden’s work within the context of technology development and telescope building in astronomy throughout history. in this talk, there is a great emphasis on overcoming obstacles and working through failures to achieve a goal.

Money and power in astronomy

This talk is intended for audiences in early career stages who are interested in learning about the proposal and budget process, including how budgets get decided at a federal level for eventual use in basic research. The talk also discusses the university budget structure, and has a central thesis that astronomy is no different from any other business: money is power.